Freeze-dried PORTO ROSSO

Arabica, grown up on the high-mountain plantations of the South America and South-East Asia is good by itself, but only in hands of Italian barista it becomes perfect. Proportion of mixing of beans from different regions, roasting temperature, fineness of grinding – all this is a result of a years-long work.

Line of freeze-dried coffee PORTO ROSSO is created especially for those, who value their time, prefers to move forward, but is not ready to sacrifice taste and aroma of coffee.

PORTO ROSSO Original. Classic Italian coffee every day

Natural freeze-dried coffee

Love to today, ability to enjoy every minute of life – these are the features, which Italian barista materialized in PORTO ROSSO Original. This is a strong coffee with substantial taste and deep aroma, it is ideal to give a good mood for the whole day.

PORTO ROSSO Gold. Perfect Arabica

Natural freeze-dried coffee

Soft, sophisticated taste PORTO ROSSO Gold was created by the best masters of Italy. Gentle technology of beans processing completely reveals taste of perfect Arabica, maintains vitamins and antioxidants.

PORTO ROSSO Special. Espresso always and everywhere

Natural freeze-dried coffee with micro-granules of ground coffee

PORTO ROSSO Special is a unique one: particles of roasted coffee of ultra-fine grinding with size less than 30 microns are added into instant coffee granules. PORTO ROSSO Special has aroma and taste of natural coffee, and it is enough to add hot water to prepare it.

Espresso, created by the best Italian barista, one can get within seconds.

PORTO ROSSO Mocaccino. Exquisite chocolate desert

Natural freeze-dried coffee with chocolate

Especially for those, who like sweet coffee deserts, selected coffee beans and chocolate of the highest quality are combined in wonderful PORTO ROSSO Mocaccino. Enjoy chocolate-coffee taste and substantial aroma of PORTO ROSSO Mocaccino.