Hot chocolate “Chukka” and “Chocolate cup”

Hot chocolate “Chukka”

Indians of the Central America were very strong and endurable people. Precious drink Chokolatl used to give them strength and vivacity, it raised their mood, helped to fight tiredness and diseases.

Like this drink of Indians, hot chocolate “Chukka” fully reveals useful qualities of cacao beans.

Enriched with vitamins and minerals, it will give a child a charge of energy even in the most gloomy morning, and in the evening it will help to regain power after study, training, etc.

A child will like this rich chocolate taste, when perfectly balanced content will provide him with all necessary elements: he will not even want to have any harmful snacks and soda water.

A cup of chocolate in the morning and evening. For those who are taught the best from the childhood!

About usefulness of vitamins and micro-elements in hot chocolate “Chukka”

B1 vitamin activates function of all internal organs, improves brain activity and digestion of information.

B2 vitamin is necessary for energy metabolism, promotes growth of tissues and improves condition of skin.

Magnesium is necessary for maintenance of healthy structure of bones, teeth and muscles, it helps to remove cholesterine from the body.

Iron is necessary for growth and development of the body, strengthens immunity, improves attention concentration and

“Chocolate cup”

Hot chocolate “Chocolate cup” – is a wonderful delicacy, which is easy to prepare both at home, and to take it along.

“Chocolate cup” – is a real chocolate, made from the selected cacao beans, which maintained  all its useful qualities.

Once you make a cup of hot chocolate, everyday worries will go away and mood will improve.

Note: a leader in quantity of antioxidants is considered to be red wine, however chocolate contains double of this quantity. Antioxidants help to fight cancer and heart diseases, slow down ageing process.

Flavonoids, contained in hot chocolate improve  health of vessels.

Tryptophane, phenylethylamine and magnesium, contained in hot chocolate, help to fight stress and feel onerse more happy.