PORTO ROSSO in capsules

High-mountain plantations of Columbia, surrounded with untouched jungles, the Sun of equatorial Africa, soft breeze of the Caribbean Sea sweeping young plants of Dominican Arabica – we have mixed precious beans from the best coffee regions of the planet in order to get the ideal Porto Rosso coffee. However, even perfectly roasted and ground beans may loose their aroma in the open air already in several days. Oxidation process spoils taste and aroma of the drink; moisture is also destructive for coffee.

Special safe material of capsules and oxygen-eliminating packing firmly protect Porto Rosso coffee until you decide to enjoy a cup of an excellent drink. This allows to keep the most subtle shades of aroma and nuances of taste. Also, coffee making process will take only several seconds – Porto Rosso capsules are ideal for Nespresso coffee machines.

Choose your taste of Porto Rosso: classic Espresso, mild America or strong Ristretto.

Classic taste in the line of PORTO ROSSO — Espresso

For its balanced taste and velvety structure PORTO ROSSO Espresso is indebted to combination of Columbian and Brazilian Arabica. This is the perfect drink for those, who prefer coffee of medium strength.


Light golden roasting of PORTO ROSSO Americano underlines mild taste with fruit notes and tempting aroma of Arabica from Columbia and Papua New Guinea. It is created especially for those, who value mild taste. This coffee will be an ideal end of the evening and will match any dessert.


Dark roasting of noble grades of Peruvian and Columbian Arabica provides dense texture, substantial taste with bitterness and rich aroma of PORTO ROSSO Ristretto. For those, who value strong coffee.